July 11 - 15, 2024
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Lets get ready!

With the large number of volunteers participating, we kindly ask you to read and follow these guidelines and rules carefully. Reply to the email containing the link to this page and confirm that you have read and understood this guide until (28 June). The email also includes the contacts of the curator/assistant, dates and times.

If you are uncertain about something, clear it out before arriving.

The contract

You will receive a DocuSign email prompting you to sign the contract (until 28 June). Sign it directly on your smartphone’s screen, or by using a mouse or uploading your signature’s image from a computer.

The process will be conducted in four steps – 1. you sign the contract, 2. organizer signs,  3. you make a deposit.

Tickets / guests

You will receive your Festival and Parking passes by email before the official start of the gathering (by 11 July at the latest).

Unless arranged otherwise, you will receive two festival passes – for yourself and your guest (if there is more than one member in your project – you will receive two for each).

If you want other members or guests’ tickets to be sent to a different email, let your curator know the person’s full name and email address.

Keep the barcode/serial number of the tickets confidential.

Location, arrival, parking

Badges, food, drinks

Upon arriving at the festival site, reach out to the curator, who will provide you with an envelope containing vouchers and a festival wristband.

Meeting your curator

Volunteer curator Viktorija Močia.

Contact phone no. +370 678 00780

e-mail: mocia@yaga.lt

Essential items

Essential items: tent, sleeping bag, portable battery (or a second phone), charger, flashlight, insect repellent, weather-appropriate clothing, sturdy work footwear, personal utensils (bowl, cup, spoon, fork), and, of course, a great mood.


Let’s connect in a Facebook group where we can interact with other volunteers.


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