July 11 - 15, 2024
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Yaga is an open-air gathering taking place in a lakeside location surrounded by Dzukija forests in Lithuania. The event was founded in 2003 by a handful of friends out of a desire to create a place where participants can bring a positive change, enjoy themselves, feel accepted, and be more connected. Yaga remained true to its values. It is annually supported by over a hundred of artists, numerous volunteers, a committed organizational team, and the reinforcement of relatives, long-term friends and partners.

Yaga is dedicated to a multilayered array of art forms – a unity of performance, installation, video, and music at the heart of it. Hedonistic at night and wholesome by day Yaga aspires to bring a positive change into the lives of individuals, communities and broader society by creating a utopian playground, facilitating connections, self-exploration and artistic expression.

Transformation is an essential part of Yaga’s fabric. In Sanskrit, Yaga means sacrifice – an individual process of self-realisation where deliberate and involuntarily abandonments are made, become recognized, accepted and transformed into future benefits.


Our Team

Anton Shoom Grand Master of Immortalitas
Šarūnas Kirdeikis Elated Minister of the Theme
Algis Gintautas Head Honcho of Hospitality (HHH)
Tautvydas Šuopys Administrative Champion of Duties
Unė Liandzbergytė Main Hierarch of the Logistics
Audrius Šėlsta Celebrated Wordsmith Of Words
Vytautas Paukštelis Principal Specialist of Production
Tomas Teex First Overseer of Technical Things
Emilija Kvieskaitė-Makovejeva Eminent Unifier of Healers and Artisans
Nerijus Shn Prime Consolidator of the Program
Ieva Rižė Official Ambassador of the Arts
Karolis Žukas Senior Custodian of the Cinema
Kasparas Bagdonas Senior Custodian of Duskwood
Benas Trakimas Senior Custodian of Valley
Jovilė Ališauskaitė Senior Custodian of Valley
Milana Lazic Senior Custodian of Valley
Domas Kaunas Senior Custodian of Valley
Gediminas Jakubka Senior Custodian of Valley
Julija Lečaitė Senior Custodian of Pinegrove
Tomas Lukaševičius Senior Custodian of LRT Opus

Friends & Partners

Spinning Around the Sun Spinning Around the Sun Spinning Around the Sun