July 11 - 15, 2024

Event rules

Privacy policy

Membership rules

Ticket and ID

  • All attendees must have a valid ticket exchanged for a wristband upon entry. It is the attendee’s responsibility to keep the wristband on at all times. Entry without a wristband will result in expulsion from the event.

Security Checks

  • All attendees are subject to security checks at the entry points, including inspections of vehicles, bags and personal items.

Prohibited Items

  • Not allowed: weapons, illegal substances, glass containers, fire torches, grills, or any item deemed hazardous by security (knives, sharp objects etc.).

Respectful Behavior

  • Treat others with respect; harassment or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Remember, PLUR!

Alcohol Policy

  • Only festival-purchased alcohol is allowed. No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted.
  • ID checks will confirm legal drinking age (>20 in Lithuania).

No Fires in the Forest!

  • Camping fires, torches, grills, and open flames are prohibited in the forest.
  • Use designated fireplaces marked on the map.
  • Report any fires to security or staff immediately.


  • Camping only in designated areas; respect public pathways.
  • No ropes or strings for fencing campsites.
  • Maintain quiet in camping areas, especially in the morning.


  • Park only in designated areas. Seek clarification from security if needed.


  • We love animals, however, for the safety and comfort of both your pets and all festival-goers, pets are not allowed at the festival.


  • Help keep the venue clean by disposing of trash in designated bins.

Recording Devices

  • No professional recording, photo, or video equipment without prior authorization.

Health and Safety

  • Stay hydrated, be aware of surroundings, and locate First Aid upon arrival.
  • Care about and report unwell individuals to security or staff.

Lost and Found

  • Report lost items at the Infopoint, indicated on the festival map.
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