July 11 - 15, 2024

Theme 2024

Each year, Yaga Gathering creates an utopian playground, fostering connections, self-exploration, and artistic expression guided by the year’s chosen theme. In 2024, we delve into the topic of fear, a subject thoroughly explored by Dr. Valorise Bravenstein in the past.

But who is Dr. Valorise Bravenstein?

Valorise Bravenstein is an enigma. The popular author was a future-thinking scientist, exploring the borders of human knowledge on fear. Yet her personal involvement in unorthodox fear-fighting methods brought a great deal of controversy, especially after her disappearance in Lithuania.
It is said that only retracing her steps and facing your fears can lead to her final hideout and a possibility to meet one of the greatest minds of the generation, but we must warn you, the endeavour is bordering on urban myth and can be quite a risky experience.
Dare to lead?


Who Is Dr. Bravenstein? Who Is Dr. Bravenstein? Who Is Dr. Bravenstein?