July 11 - 15, 2024
Soul & Body Therapies Soul & Body Therapies Soul & Body Therapies

Upswing massage

A professional rehabilitation specialist will offer two types of massages - deep tissue and relaxation. Each session will be tailored to address individual issues and will offer a sanctuary for both body and mind to unwind. When necessary, recommendations will be provided for at-home exercises aimed at relieving tension.

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Rapé ceremony

Rapé (pronounced "ha-peh" in English) is a natural snuff mixture crafted from various herbs and mapacho tobacco that is known to amplify the effects of the herbs. The potential benefits and effects are manifold and extensive: from relieving emotional tension, aiding in combating addictions, to strengthening immunity, and improving liver detoxification.

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Temazcal Sweatlodge

Temazcal - is a sweat lodge designed for shamanic practices observed by the ancient Mayan, Aztec, and Toltec civilizations to promote physical well-being, spiritual growth, and mental clarity. The ritual involves the use of stones red-heated by fire, and which are then placed inside a circular dome - a structure often likened to the shape of a turtle shell.

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Sauna Ritual

Yura Donskov, an acclaimed winner of various international sauna championships characterizes his saunas as innovative, spiritual sanctuaries where singing is an integral part. Yura will bring his mobile sauna, traditional birch whisks, and a wave of steaming heat.

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