July 11 - 15, 2024
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Let's get ready!

With the large number of vendors participating, we kindly ask you to read and follow these guidelines and rules carefully.
If you are uncertain about something, clear it out before arriving with coordinator Gintarė ( +37067704975 ).

The contract and payment

You will receive a DocuSign email prompting you to sign the contract. Sign it directly on your smartphone’s screen or by using a mouse, or upload your signature’s image from a computer.

The process will be conducted in four steps: 1. You sign the contract. 2. You pay the fee in 72 hours after signing. 3. Organizer signs. 4. After the festival you sign the ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT ACT and receive the deposit fee in 14 days.

The contract states that we will process the deposit fee payment within 14 working days after the end of the festival. However, we will do our best to process the payments within a few days after the end of the event.

Tickets and guest passes

You will receive your Festival and Parking passes by email before the official start of the gathering (by 10 July at the latest). Please note that there will be tickets for parking and tickets of entry. Do not mix those tickets.

Unless arranged otherwise, restaurants will receive 8, chaishops 3, and design shops 1 festival passes.

You have to inform us of your staff list before the festival, latest July 1st . We need full names and emails of each team member to ensure flawless entrance to the festival.

Keep the barcode/serial number of the tickets confidential.

Service Parking

Unless decided otherwise, all food vendors are provided with 1 main parking and 1 SERVICE parking pass. Design shops are provided with 1 MAIN car parking pass. You have to send car numbers of each car to your coordinator before the festival, together with staff list.


We require that vendors arrive and set up their stalls no later than noon July 11th. The evening before the festival is the time when ticketing starts and there is usually a queue to get inside. Once you arrive at the festival site, contact and meet the coordinator/assistant, locate your area, and double-check the readiness of your setup.


Additional important requirements

Let’s not forget that we are loved by environmentalists, so all vendors must have an up-to-date fire extinguisher, non-flammable cloth, and a first aid kit.


All disposable dishes made of plastic are forbidden.


Before signing the contract vendor must declare all the electrical appliances that will be used during festival. Electrical generators are strictly forbidden.

The main points

Learn where the First Aid / Harm reduction spot is located. Inform the security or staff members if you see someone in need of help.

Alcohol or glass is not allowed to be brought into the territory.

WATER and other DRINKS are only to be sold by the FESTIVAL BARS. 

Fires in the designated areas only (check the site map upon arrival).

Ensure dogs are kept on leashes at all times if you bring them to the festival grounds.

Bank cards will be accepted everywhere, but keep some cash in case of a network outage.

If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to your assigned coordinator.

We hope you have a fantastic time at the festival!



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