July 11 - 15, 2024

Sourdough DNA. Masks

In her lecture-performance, Kamilė Krasauskaitė explores the intersection of culinary arts and identity through the creation of unique masks from naturally colored sourdough dough. The process involves the fermentation of flour, water, and various microorganisms, allowing the dough to develop distinct features reminiscent of masks, guided by its natural fermentation properties. Krasauskaitė draws on the universal presence of DNA in all living beings to discuss the role of masks as extensions of our individual egos, serving as conduits for exploring personal identities and expanding consciousness.

The act of baking these masks into bread loaves serves as a metaphor for the rich tapestry of global cultures and traditions, as reflected in the diverse recipes of bread around the world. Krasauskaitė’s project has been presented in various formats, including exhibitions and lecture-performances, across cities like Paris, Brussels, Vilnius, Riga, and Marseille, demonstrating its resonance with a wide audience. For more information, visit her website.

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