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To have a pleasant experience gather all the necessary info before leaving and take the following essentials:

  • Your tent is your base and your castle
  • A sleeping bag and a thermo pad
  • There’s a natural drinking water source right next to the site, get yourself a tare to fill.
  • Consider bringing a piece of eco-friendly plain odorless soap and toothpaste. Anyhow please refrain from using them in the lake.
  • Unless you really want to become food, get yourself a good insect repellent and a long sleeve shirt.. mosquitoes are wild beasts over there 😉 You can make a repellent yourself instead of using commercial chemicals
  • Some warm clothes for the night
  • Also take your musical instruments along with you and your deco and incense to give beauty for the camp too.
  • Take everything else that you think you may need for camping.

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The site is gifted by a water source where everyone can fill their bottles with clean and fresh groundwater. Make sure you have tare to fill before you come. Why buy?


During the gathering chai shops will be cooking fresh Worlds foods, serving refreshments, teas, and coffees.


Non-alcoholic beverages will only be allowed in plastic/paper/metal tare. All sorts of glass items are forbidden at the festival and parking site.


Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to bring into the festival or parking territory. There will be a few bars around the festival.

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Children at Yaga

There will be specially for children designated area at the festival where kids can spend time with other kids under the supervision of care-takers. Specialists will take care of your kids and provide them with alternative entertainment – your children will certainly forget about computer games and tv, at least for the time being.

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be safe lab

First of all, be safe, stay hydrated and look after your friends and people at the festival in general. Things sometimes get out of hands and people may need professional help or advise. The service will be provided by Be Safe Lab. Upon arrival locate them on the map and head there for help or advise.  If you see or suspect somebody is not feeling well, feel free to contact any members of staff, volunteers or security and they will get in touch with Be Safe Lab dedicated team.


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Safe the forest, don’t make a fire! There are no camping fires allowed in the forest (no torches, grills, camping cookers or any other fire lamps) You will find official fireplaces on the map of the festival. Every stage, shop, and bars are equipped with fire extinguishers – use it when needed. If you noticed fire anywhere inform security of member of staff immediately.

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Bring your own plastic bags to collect the rubbish, leave the camp in a cleaner condition than you have found it. Let’s together take care of the planet and the particular place where the gathering will take place. After the festival is over, please bring your bagged waste to the main rubbish point. You will know where it is from the map that you will receive on arrival.

Don’t stay ignorant if you see rubbish – pick it up and dispose of appropriately – the nature and other participants will honor you. Let’s stay as clean as possible.

Let’s try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Start with your festival shopping. Please refrain of buying foods wrapped in an unnecessary package – it only pollutes the environment and adds to the cost. Less package – less rubbish! Considering the package is a good everyday practice. Don’t wait for the festival – start now!

Please also DO NOT bring glass items to the site to prevent breakage and possible injuries. Broken pieces of glass left in the grass may cause a fire on a sunny day! It’s one of the biggest reasons for the self ignitions in the forest places – lens-type pieces of glass.

Cigarette butts

Smokers, please ask for your portable ashtray at the gate and use it at the site and later if you like. If you are not going to use it, please do not collect it. By the way, 1 cigarette butt pollutes 1 cubic meter of water if thrown in the lake.

Less cars please

If you have a possibility, please leave your car at home and come down by public transport. There is a very good bus connection from Vilnius bus and train stations. If it happens that you come with a car, don’t keep the seats empty – give a lift to someone.

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Bio-toilets will be ready for use across the site. Please use them to prevent toilet paper spreading in the forest and save those wandering around from stepping on your excrements. If you still decide to do your natural needs in the forest – no problem, but please follow a good example of our smaller brothers – bury it after yourself 😉 Let’s keep the area clean and tidy not only in visible places, but truly everywhere.

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there will be few showers at the site. Please use only environment-friendly soaps and shampoos.

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please refrain from bringing your dog to the festival. The event is growing and more people do like to bring their pets to the event. This creates some problems and undermines the safety feeling of general participants, especially those with children. If you will decide to bring your dog to the festival, please keep it on a leash at all times.

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