July 11 - 15, 2024

Late Junctions

The phrase ‘Late Junction,’ well-known to Brits, is a radio show beloved by music lovers has received prestigious awards from BBC Radio 3. The appeal of the programs compiled for this show lies in the unique listening experience, where medieval ballads sound alongside 21st-century electronic music, and alternative jazz is mixed with folk music. Unexpected combinations surprise and open up different contexts for listening to music.

In line with the listening tradition established by the renowned BBC Radio 3 program, we present the concert program ‘Late Junctions’ – an unexpected blend of authentic sound combinations and genres. The rarely heard vocal timbre (countertenor), more often associated with Lithuanian folk repertoire musical instrument (kanklės), vocal ensemble, baroque arias, minimalist, and postmodern compositions – all become components here, creating an organic and unexpected concert program. The connections between the pieces performed by singers and instrumentalists create a sense of modern sacredness.


Performers: Ieva Marmienė (soprano), Viktorija Šedbaraitė (soprano), Gintarė Kulikauskytė (mezzo-soprano), Vaidas Bartušas (countertenor), Paulius Klangauskas (tenor), Deividas Janušas (tenor), Artūras Miknaitis (baritone), Alfredas Miniotas (bass), Ramunė Rimšienė (canklės), Aušrinė Ulinskaitė (kanklės), Lina Žilinskaitė (kanklės) Programme: Giulio Caccini, Henry Purcell, Francis Poulenc, Philip Glass, David Lang, Julián Alarcon, Ēriks Ešenvalds, Jonas Tamulionis, Indrė Stakvilė Concept of the programme. Producer – Operomanija. Partners: Vocal Art Network, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Duration – 65 min.

Spinning Around the Sun Spinning Around the Sun Spinning Around the Sun