July 11 - 15, 2024

Iboga – Mystical Entheogen And Traditional Plant Medicine From Africa

Tobias Erny, with a background in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry from Basel, Switzerland, discovered the transformative healing potential of Iboga in 2006. Subsequently, he dedicated himself to extensive research and practical work with this sacred plant. Erny has significantly contributed to the field by authoring the German-language reference book on Iboga, organizing related conferences and events, and engaging as a facilitator, consultant, and internationally recognized speaker. His talks span universities, conferences, and festivals, aiming to elevate spiritual consciousness and advocate for the integration of psycho-spiritual tools and plant medicines into mainstream culture. He currently holds positions as the executive director and board member of the Global Iboga Therapy Alliance and coordinates the Ibogaine program for the Beckley Foundation.

In addition to his efforts in Europe and Mexico, Erny is deeply involved with communities in Western Equatorial Africa, working to safeguard the Bwiti cultural heritage and promote sustainable sourcing of Iboga alkaloids. Iboga, a mystical entheogen and traditional medicine, is revered in Western Equatorial Africa for its role in spiritual initiation and its capacity to facilitate ancestral communication. Its unique neuropharmacological effects are celebrated for aiding in the withdrawal from narcotics, particularly opioids, making it a valuable asset in psychotherapy. The practice of microdosing Iboga for various health issues is also gaining popularity. Erny’s lecture offers insights into the African Iboga tradition, its historical significance, pharmacological actions, and therapeutic applications.

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