July 11 - 15, 2024

Flowers Of Life

In 2002, the artistic journey of Flowers of Life began when Veikko Lappalainen, inspired by the mystique of sacred geometry and the Flower of Life pattern, started painting vibrant backdrops with UV-active paints. This passion soon evolved into the creation of a monumental mandala, marking the inception of a unique artistic venture. As years unfolded, Veikko expanded his creative repertoire, experimenting with string arts in and exploring more intricate designs. The turning point came in 2005, with a distinctive “iglu” decor project and the innovative technique of “painting into the air,” leading to the founding of Elämän Kukat Oy / Flowers of Life Ltd. alongside Antti Vestola and Nicolas Vollar. Their collaboration introduced a holographic decor style that captivated audiences at their indoor party debut in 2006 and garnered acclaim at the Boom Festival, setting the stage for their international recognition. From 2007 to 2023, the team’s journey across 24 countries, bringing their visionary art to festivals, nightclubs, and corporate events, has solidified their legacy as pioneers in the fusion of art and technology.

Gathering since 2003 Gathering since 2003 Gathering since 2003