July 11 - 15, 2024
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2023 06 16
Once again, Yaga is re-emerging and about to descend on beloved Rīga.

Before Yaga fully blooms this July, it resurfaces at the aligned location, merging local and foreign talents to ignite what this gathering is all about – music, art, friendship and discovery.

Line up across two stages:
Sibilë (Pretty Much / Opium club) 🇱🇹
SHN (minimal.lt / Radio Vilnius) 🇱🇹
MIJU (Opium club) 🇱🇹
Koneliūnas (Skalbiankė) 🇱🇹
Henri Lakis (Illegance) 🇱🇻
Laiva Maikule (Jauda) 🇱🇻
Multilux (Erica Synths) 🇱🇻
Trashy Trax (Serviss) 🇱🇻
Tickets*: ra.co/events/1722831
On door: 15EUR
Free with Yaga 2023 pass

*All online tickets participate in a chance to win free pass to Yaga Gathering festival.

RSVP: Facebook event

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