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Through the eyes of Šarūnas Kirdeikis – Yaga’s theme creative producer and show maker

2023 07 01

Šarūnas invites you to uncover the mysteries of life, celebrate 20 years of memories, and embrace the concept of maturity without sacrificing fun by delving into the creative process of this year’s gathering.

The Yaga Gathering has been a transformative experience for me, both as a creative explorer and as an individual. It’s allowed me to break free from the fast-paced world of commercial pop culture and delve into a more elaborate and immersive approach. Through Yaga, I have had the opportunity to create inclusive processes where everyone’s ideas are welcomed and explored. The range of cool, interesting, and weird ideas that emerge from this collaborative effort is what makes Yaga truly unique.

When it comes to who should experience Yaga, I firmly believe in the law of attraction. If you feel drawn to Yaga and sense an inner calling to explore and discover, then it is a scene that you should experience. Yaga holds the potential for multiple transformative experiences, and even if you can only attend once, it will leave a lasting impact.

This year, the Yaga Gathering celebrates its anniversary with the theme “20 Trips Around the Sun.” The theme symbolizes the celebration of a birthday and personal journeys of self-discovery within the gathering. It represents movement, visuals, and the core symbol of life – the sun. As part of the anniversary celebration, our tribe will delve into the history of Yaga through photos, stories, and memories shared by the gathering veterans. It’s a unique chance to get a taste of the previous years and deeply understand Yaga’s purpose.

During the gathering, there are several experiences and activities that you should try. A highlight would be the immersive, exploratory structures, which will present you with tasks and stories, guiding you through a captivating journey of discovery. This year, you’ll have the exciting challenge of uncovering 20 pieces using our hints. This exploration culminates in a closing and reward ceremony inspired by Carl Jung’s “Man and His Symbols.” By incorporating Jung’s exploration of symbols and their relevance to our inner selves, we encourage you to create a deeper and more introspective experience during your time here.

Looking toward the future, I envision Yaga Gathering embracing the concept of maturity in a non-boring way. Adulthood can be equally awesome without sacrificing fun, and Yaga will continue to reflect on personal growth and new stages of life. Each year we’ll bring new and exciting experiences, further expanding Yaga’s immersive adventure.

In short, Yaga Gathering is a space that invites you to explore, discover, and celebrate life’s mysteries. It‘s a transformative experience that will ignite your imagination, awaken your inner explorer, and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. If you feel drawn to the enchanting forest of Yaga, take a chance and embark on this magical journey.


If you want to experience it together with Šarūnas, secure your pass at yaga.lt/tickets.

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