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Thank you!

2023 07 18

As the spirit of the 20th-anniversary celebration still fills the air, we want to express our gratitude to all involved in making this possible.

Thank you, a remarkable community of Yaga attendees. Your contribution is crucial as Yaga has no commercial sponsors. Years of trust and support, your loyalty and positive energy have turned Yaga Gathering into an ever-changing dream full of incredible communal vibe.

Thank you, dear artists and collectives, for expressing your talent, creative input and supportive attitude. Thank you to our fantastic curators – Anton Unitone, Emilija Kvieskaitė, Ieva Rižė, Karolis Žukas, Tomas Lukaševičius & LRT Opus, Šarūnas Kirdeikis – you are the architects of our Artscape, the masterminds of the fabric of diversity and creativity. Thank you, Nerijus Damaševičius, for leading and supporting this fantastic team, directing the programme and supporting the organisation in all possible ways. Applause and separate thank you for Emilija, who also selects and manages all the market participants and delicious restaurants in addition to the array of daytime activities.

Thank you, Tomas Teex and the production teams of Donatas Kališaitis, Edgaras Šitkauskas, Vytautas Bastys, Une Liandzbergytė, Viktorija Austė (Močia) – we cannot thank you enough, you’re the invisible heroes that make the dreams manifest.

Our marketing and communication team of Rytis Čekauskas, Jekaterina Kalinienė, Daiva Gylytė, and Avelina Markevičiūtė – thank you for spreading the Yaga vibe far and wide. Thank you, Audrius Šėlsta, for the copy and readiness to help. Thank you, media teams, for accepting challenges and capturing beautiful moments. Thank you, Evaldas Bubinas, for the fresh artwork, responsiveness and zillions of adjustments.

Kristina Puleikis and Liudmila Tarejeva – your stellar assistance from many angles has been invaluable. Thank you a million!

To our security and first aid teams of Andrius Milinavičius, Girvydas Duoblys, Julija Huffman, Julius Jaramavičius, Mantas Daraškevičius, Tada Oo, Viktor Pristavka – thank you for ensuring that everyone felt safe and cared throughout the event.

To Adomas Žindulis, Artūras Bačinskas, Bernadeta Brazdžionytė, Edvardas Šileris, Mykolas Piekuras, Simonas Kacevas, Vasily Ogar, Vytautas Jančiauskas, thank you so much for your various roles – from orchestrating lighting paths to serving drinks and supporting production, thank you!

Dear volunteers, your tireless energy, boundless enthusiasm, and dedication transformed the vision into reality. Thank you for weaving the fabric of our shared journey and contributing to Yaga’s magic.

To the local community of Valkininkai, to the landowners and authorities, thank you for your trust, support and cooperation!

To the Yaga tribe, artists, partners, family members, friends and everyone who was not mentioned and joined us on this incredible journey, we are deeply grateful for your energy, spirit, and love of arts that made this year’s event a milestone in our history. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Let’s continue to gather, dance, learn, share, and create memories together.

Photos by Audrius Šidlauskas

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