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Sanatorium Immortalitas guest information

2022 07 08

Dear guest, 

It’s time to reveal what awaits you at Sanatorium Immortalitas.

After buying a ticket, you will receive an email with the questionnaire. Your answers will help our board of healers to understand your well-being and assign you to one of the three Yaga’s treatment departments. 

When you arrive at Yaga, seek the reception called RECEPTIO SANITATEM and get prescribed a SANITATEM PROGRESSIO – a personal healing plan. After this, only one step remains – to find your healing department, located in the sacred forests of Spengla. 


Meet the departments:

Corpus Salinarium – a healing home for the physical self. Risen from the element Salt that is used in alchemical processes that strip down the self to nothingness, leaving everything bare to be scrutinized. 

Corpus Sulphuris – a look into an endless mind. It’s inspired by the element Sulphur which bears the same qualities as the element of fire. Stay ready to be purified by the burning river of emotions, memories, and change.

Corpus Mercurii – a delve into the depths of the soul. Born from the element Mercury, which is cold and moist as water. It will cleanse the impurities, help you meet your higher self, and unite yourself with your soul.


Trust the process and participate in Sanatorium’s activities, as healers lead you on the journey of rejuvenation.


Yaga Sanatorium Immortalitas

Meet your new, happy, and recharged self.

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