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Revealing this year’s theme and highlights

2023 06 10

In the middle of summer, in the Ežeraičio forest in the Varėna district, Yaga Gathering will unleash its magic and invite everyone interested in experiments, visual arts, electronic music sounds, and an open and curious outlook on the world.

Yaga Gathering can be titled one of the most visually stunning music festivals in Lithuania. It has been creating different themes for the festival for several years. Last year’s theme, “Sanatorium Immortalitas,” invited attendees to relax and focus on their body and mind, and today, this year’s theme is also revealed – “Twenty trips around the Sun.”

It was exactly twenty years ago, in 2003, that the festival tribe first gathered. Although the festival’s names have changed, the ideas have remained, and from July 13th to 17th this year, Yaga Gathering by Lake Spengla will invite everyone on another journey around the sun.

“The themes created for the ‘Yaga Gathering’ festival take on unexpected forms each year. The festival responds to the atmosphere and strives to notice what is happening around us and the world, but this year’s theme is also about ourselves.

We will reveal it from unusual angles because a journey around the sun can be physical and experiential.

Those who expect a unique festival anniversary will receive it, and along with it, they will get acquainted with the deep history of the festival. Even if you are late for the twenty-year Yaga Gathering,’ now is the time to come and start your journey around the sun,” says Šarūnas Kirdeikis, the festival’s creative producer and director.

In mid-summer, festival attendees will be greeted by four music spaces: “Valley,” “Pinegrove,” “Duskwood,” and LRT OPUS, each offering different music rhythms, live performances, conversations, and magical nighttime dances.

Today, it is clear that the “Valley” stage will be dominated by tribal/house/dark disco music rhythms, whose sounds will resonate for three festival nights. Dasco, Zebra Centauri, Tronik Youth, Ugne Sync, Aiste Regina, Yoolia b2b Roman SFW, and Pakas b2b Roads will provide the music at the decks.

The “Pinegrove” stage, which offers one of the most significant and consistent programs every year, catering to fans of idm/ambient/downtempo/dub and experimental electronic music, will maintain its traditions and operate from Thursday until Monday morning.

On the last night of “Yaga Gathering,” when everything else quietens, this stage invites everyone to the final dance of this year’s festival. The lineup will feature Jake Muir, mu tate, Chillera, Migluma, MigloJE, Elizabete Balčus, Natas Kūnas, and SHN.

The musical sounds echoing in the trunks of pine trees will beckon festival-goers to visit the “Duskwood – trance” stage, which, as usual, will be nestled in a bend of the river and operate for three nights, immersing everyone in trance/goa-trance/psytrance rhythms.

This year’s “Yaga Gathering” ‘s headline musical performer, Marcus C. Maichelis, will appear on this musical stage.

He is a music producer based in Hamburg and has been a prominent figure in the trance music scene since the mid-90s. Marcus is known for his involvement in projects such as “X-Dream” and “The Delta,” where he collaborated with Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe.

Marcus C. Maichelis is one of the pioneers of precise, atmospheric, and often imitated tech-trance sound. On this festival stage, we will also witness performances by artists such as Tadan, Acid Black, ReKhorkhaty, Overdream, Myazu Polly, and others.

During the festival daytime, there will also be the LRT OPUS stage, where the event’s radio station will broadcast interesting Lithuanian music selections. On Saturday, it will invite attendees to experience sounds created by artists and groups such as Adas ir Viltė, El Chico Fuendre, Spectrum Gemini, MWT, Jaroška, Girių Dvasios, MIJU, and Shkema.

From July 13th to 17th, the festival will present the “Yaga Visionary” art program, with “movement” as its main keyword. This year’s characteristic and wandering arts program will unfold in the most unexpected festival spaces, and to explore them all, participants will need to decode some of the locations themselves.

The senses of the festival’s visitors will be provoked by the abundance of installations and performances, including the professional contemporary dance troupe “Aura” and individual artist showcases.

The festival stages will be adorned with the works of professionals in their respective fields, such as the teams “Temple Creations,” “Wickiss,” “SpaceSpaceSpace,” as well as the long-time festival collaborator Petrix from Ukraine.

In addition to the four music stages and the extensive art program that unveils the festival’s theme through unexpected experiences, “Yaga Gathering” invites participants to engage in activities and lecture spaces to gain knowledge and discoveries. During the festival, there will be a presentation by Ugnė Marija Anrijauskaitė on the event and cultural gentrification.

Historian Ugnė Marija will share her unique perspective on events and culture, providing the audience with an exciting overview of the growth and transformation of events from medieval times to contemporary global events.

In the lecture space, relevant topics will be explored, ranging from psychology to artificial intelligence, from natural medicine to harm reduction lectures on drugs and sex.

The festival will create a new “Dark Room” space dedicated to adult games and love this year. Those who enjoy festival traditions will be invited once again to challenge themselves in a social experiment of human conversation, fostering a sense of connection and the joy of communication.

The diverse activity program will stimulate the body and engage the mind, catering to adult and younger festival attendees.

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