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Looking for Creative Volunteers

2023 05 21

Have you ever wondered how the theme of the festival comes to life? Well, you have a very good chance to see and learn that. Our creative director Šarūnas is looking for volunteers to help him with a magical trip around the Sun – twentieth in the history of Yaga’s, to be exact.

“The theme of Yaga Gathering shapes a form of a different and unexpected every year. The Festival reacts to the global atmosphere and tries to look around, at everything that is happening in the whole world, but this year the theme will also going to be about us too. I believe we will manage to reveal it in strange ways because the trip around the Sun can be not only physical but also a very emotional experience. Those, who expect to get a real birthday jam will be definitely getting one, and at the same time, we will give everyone a chance to travel down the festival’s history. Even if you are late to Yaga by twenty years – now it’s a perfect time to join the trip and begin your journey around the Sun.” says Šarūnas.

Interested in becoming a part? We are looking for creative volunteers to help us fulfill this year’s theme – twenty trips around the Sun!

Not only will you get all the usual volunteering perks, but also will be working closely with our creative department and will have a chance to literally shape this year’s Yaga.

Find the form and apply here: https://forms.gle/KaLvd277yzXqKrEdA

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