July 11 - 15, 2024
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Get ready for the gathering!

2022 07 13

The grand opening of Sanatorium Immortalitas is just around the corner. Apart from the massive programme across many stages, our team of probably the world’s best physicians, shamans, and innovators will take care of you during the festival. Read carefully some get-ready recommendations and come to meet your new, happy, and recharged self!


    • When you approach the ticketing gates, have your tickets ready on-screen or printed.
    • If you do not have a ticket, purchase it online before reaching the gates.
    • Take care of yourself, your friends, and others around. Check someone’s well-being, and make sure they are okay. If in doubt, inform First Aid / Be Safe Lab team, security or a member of staff.
    • Follow the rules of the event.

Do not bring

    • Dog, if you are not going to keep your pet on a leash AT ALL TIMES.
    • Alcohol drinks
    • Glass – trust, you will survive without pickles.
    • Photo/video cameras if you don’t have media accreditation.
    • Tactical/combat knives and/or other knives that have a blade longer than 15cm.
    • BBQ, fire torches, camping cookers, or any other burners. There will be several fires around the site.

Share your ride!

Consider eco-friendly ways of transportation to Yaga. We suggest you take a bicycle, take a train, maybe a bus or ride-sharing with friends. We urge you not to come in half-empty cars and avoid air travel if possible.

If you are coming by car, secure your parking pass in advance.


Who Is Dr. Bravenstein? Who Is Dr. Bravenstein? Who Is Dr. Bravenstein?