July 11 - 15, 2024
Gourmet Experiences Gourmet Experiences Gourmet Experiences

Twenty-course degustation dinner

„Pas mus restoranas“ is where two chefs well-known to some, and not so well-known to others, genuinely delight in every guest and creatively approach all emerging questions. Vita relocates "Pas mus restoranas" to the forest and will welcome guests with a 20-course tasting dinner, for which she will look for products and inspirations right here - on the festival grounds, meadows, and in its history. Let's meet for a wild flavours dinner and share stories from the 20 trips.

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Vineyard stories with Emilija

We invite you to an exceptional wine tasting session hosted by Emilija, who has garnered extensive experience from working in vineyards across the globe. Emilija will share her profound insights on wine production, vineyard maintenance, and the various subtleties of wine. Having personally picked and stomped grapes, as well as pruned vines, she has amassed a wealth of enchanting wine stories.

The tasting session presents a unique opportunity to discern and appreciate the diverse aromas and flavors of wine. We assure you of expanding your knowledge about wine, and providing insightful tips on pairing wine effectively with food.

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Gentle Oysters and Bubbles

Gentle Shrimp is a pearl of Vilnius's seafood cuisine! Indulge in a paradise of fresh seafood and try our oyster tasting complemented with homemade condiments. As we all know, the best companions for oysters are the delicate bubbles of prosecco and champagne. The head chef at Gentle Shrimp will not only impart knowledge about the journey of oysters from the sea to our plates but will also demonstrate the correct way to savor them. Embark on this culinary adventure to experience a unique taste, discover more about this food culture and its traditions. Together, let's broaden our horizons in the world of gastronomy.

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Who can resist a dessert? Especially during the festival, when dancing until the break of dawn, the body craves something sweet to replenish energy. Here is a splendid opportunity to delight your taste buds with a dessert enriched with cannabinoids. All desserts offered by the Kanapinė Krautuvė are enhanced with various extracts of CBD, CBG, CBC, and other cannabinoids. During the tasting, you will not only familiarize yourself with the unique flavors of these cannabinoid-enriched desserts, but also gain insights into their distinctive effects.

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