July 11 - 15, 2024

Support Yaga

  • Log in To the Electronic Declaration System of the State Tax Inspectorate https://deklaravimas.vmi.lt.
  • Connect through your banking system, STI or with e-signature.
  • Choose VMI.
  • In the top menu choose DEKLARAVIMAS (Declaration), on a menu on the left Pildyti formą (Fill a form) and then press Prašymas skirti paramą (Request to give donation).
  • In the form filling window, click on the globe icon.

The information you need to fill out the request online:

  • Gavėjo identifikacinis numeris (kodas) – 304223847 (code of beneficiary)
  • Mokesčio dalies paskirtis – Kultūros vartai, VšĮ (aim of donation)
  • Mokesčio dalies dydis (procentais) – 1,2 or less (percent of the revenue tax to be transferred, max. 1.20)
  • Mokesčio dalį skiriu iki mokestinio laikotarpio – 2026 (year until which you want to transfer part of your taxes, 2026 latest)

Click Išsaugoti (Save), Taip, teisingi (Yes, correct), Formuoti prašymą (Form a request) and Pateikti (Submit).

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