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How to get there


Yaga location lake

A small and beautiful place will hold the gathering in it’s magical arms. Give it your deep respect and love. Every place has it’s energy field and it responds in the way you treat it. It is all connected! Respect mother Earth and all the living creatures, live and let live!

The festival site is located just 60km south from Vilnius next to a lake and a small river. The site is surrounded by wonderful Dzukijas woods and is also gifted by a water source nearby where everyone can fill their bottles with clean and fresh ground water.

In this section you will find important information about the place, how to get there, information on sightseeing in Lithuania and how to get to the country too.

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GPS coordinates
+54° 20′ 14.80″, +24° 46′ 31.60″

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Public buses from Vilnius bus station to the stop named “Spengla” (direction Druskininkai): timetable.

Buses back to Vilnius: timetable.

One way ticket costs about €5, 50% student discount available

Get off the bus at “Spengla” and walk forward about 0,3km along the motorway, take the very first tiny road to the left into the forest and then go for another 1,3km.

From Kaunas or Kaunas airport

we advice to go through Vilnius (or alternatively through Alytus). There will be plenty connections between Kaunas airport and Vilnius due to closure of Vilnius airport. All you need is to get to Vilnius and from there there are many buses to Spengla until rather late.

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From Vilnius railway station trains to Valkininkai station go everyday: timetable. From Valkininkai you need to walk this way.
Trains back to Vilnius: timetable
One way ticket cost about €4, 50% student discount.
Additionally, check out Lithuanian Railway website.

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From Vilnius

Take A4 motorway in direction of Druskininkai. After 59th kilometre post turn left into the forest BY THE SIGN KUKISKES and go for about 1,3km to reach the point from where there will be a free shuttle bus operating to take people with luggage to the site. The route.

from vilnius

From Kaunas

If you prefer nicier views – stick to the map and go through Alytus, but if your goal is speed – take a highway via Vilnius. If you are taking a bus, go through Vilnius too.

From Varena / Druskininkai

Should you be coming from Varena side, turn right after 75 kilometre post BY THE SIGN KUKISKES.

from varena

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is very easy in that direction, many cars go there and people are friendly and helpful. The only thing you need to find is A4 motorway to Druskininkai which is situated on the outskirts of Vilnius. Check the maps.

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This website suggests you to find trips to Yaga Gathering directly on their website. You can find people already going to the festival and join them contributing a part of the price of the trip.

Find your trip at

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