Children Yoga

Welcoming the Sun. Sun salutations are the core of any yoga sequence. Practicing sun salutes with your children will help calm the mind and help you focus, energize the body and boost endurance, increase strength and flexibility.

Creative workshop

Explore your imagination through arts and crafts activities. Design and create massive works with paint. Enjoy your very own “gallery opening” where your work will be on display.

Face painting

With just a couple of colors and a brush, we will decorate your child's face with imaginative designs like butterflies, flowers, and animals.

Forest animals

A workshop dedicated to learning about the animals who live in our forests. The activity will be expanded by painting our chosen animals on the canvas.

Friendly exercise

Funny group exercise that improves not only well-being and flexibility but also social skills.

Good morning sunshine

Mornings are the best time to learn and get to know each other. We will introduce ourselves and share our feelings every morning while playing mini-games with our hands and doing some mobility exercises.

Interactive fairy tale

During the interactive fairy tale activities, we will be not only learning about old folk tales but will be reenacting them ourselves! It's a great way to play by learning, but also a very fun exercise of creativity - we will be able to create costumes and props using natural forest materials, but most importantly - open our imaginations to new worlds!

Juggling workshop

Come and learn to juggle not only mummy's nerves but also actual circus instruments! Whoa! The workshop will be led by the awesome team of "Smaragdo Miestas".

Sensory games

Sensory Art sessions are aimed at activating most of our sensors through art. During our 45-minute class, children will enjoy our sensory art play stations. We will be playing with sand, water, smells, and tastes.

Soap bubble fiesta

Dive into the magical world of soap bubbles! Can you stand in a soap bubble? Who will make the largest one? Come and find out! The workshop will be led by the awesome team of "Smaragdo miestas".

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