July 11 - 15, 2024

UKRAiNATV: Video Playlist

Saturday 01:00-04:00
Sunday 01:00-04:00

UKRAiNATV is an experimental, collective and cross-sectoral project in the field of media culture. It deals with new relational strategies and new HYBRiD production forms in the field of hybrid PRESENCE. It’s an Internet TV station specialized in building live audiovisual bridges, a multi-channel streaming hub, recording studio and glocal network, all at once. And last but not least a group of people.

“UKRAiNATV: Video Playlist” is a nocturnal television program curated to highlight the vibrant and resilient spirit of contemporary Ukrainian culture. Airing nightly, this program presents a playlist of videos coming from an experimental Ukranian streaming initiative based in Krakow, Poland. Each night, the playlist weaves together narratives of identity, struggle, and triumph, offering a multifaceted portrayal of Ukraine’s contemporary cultural scene. The program aims to create a space for reflection and connection, inviting viewers to engage with the art and stories that shape the collective experience of the Ukrainian people.”

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