The Science & Magic in Us

Join a dialogue of science and magic on the art of becoming who you are. What makes us who we are? Nature? Culture? Is “42” the answer to “How many roads must a man walk down…”? Did Socrates, Carl Jung, and Noam Chomsky foresee genetic memory? How do peeling vegetables improve your logical skills? What’s the science of meditation, breathwork, or visualization? By combining practice and theory, we will take you on a journey through the science and magic of becoming who you are. We will initiate a dialogue between biomedical sciences, philosophy, culture, and arts to explore how patterns and systems connect as we invent identity and reality. On our way, we will learn simple exercises and tricks which we can use to increase our ability to transform and make a difference. Together, we will: Provide questions and some answers too; Discuss the commonalities between Gilgamesh, Jesus, Jim Morrison, and Lemmiwinks; Make Magic Mind Potions, trick our minds and resonate together; Learn stuff and have fun.

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