Spirit doll making

What do you think about dolls? Could it be a symbol of Your Personality? The mirror of your Soul? Or maybe even an Avatar of Power? Step by step dreams, creativity, and magic entangles you into your Powerdoll, which attracts love, success, and joy, it can always be near you or it can live in your place. As soon as it sees the world, it acquires life and connection with its person. Let‘s do it? About me: Creativity and I are always together – from cooking, and handicrafts to wall painting… Creativity is freedom, it is an opportunity to rediscover yourself over and over again, it’s never-ending questions, it’s colors, lines, and games, it’s like a gentle memory of being a child who enjoys, experiments, and experiences joy in discovering something unexpected… Creativity is a flow, it’s like the pleasure to go downwind, it is about dreams coming true…

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