July 11 - 15, 2024

Social Space

Friday and Saturday:

In the conceptual framework of Nieuwenhuys, New Babylon represents an ideal societal state where the rigidities of conventional urbanism give way to fluid, playful, and creative engagements. Similarly, Yaga, with its ephemeral urban configurations and liberal social norms, manifests this visionary ethos. The festival operates as a lived experiment in reimagining urban space, where participants engage in playful, spontaneous interactions that subvert traditional urban regimes. The 3022 pavilion serves as a microcosm of this broader experimental landscape. It functions not merely as a physical gathering place but as a living embodiment of utopian aspirations, facilitating the emergence of new social dynamics and relational forms. The structure’s assemblage of technological artifacts and creative expressions fosters a unique environment where participants can engage in freeform play, thus actualizing the concept of homo ludens. This spatial and experiential configuration is situated within the broader thematic inquiry of “LAB 3022”. It presents a counter-narrative to the predominant technocratic vision of smart cities, which often prioritizes efficiency, surveillance, and economic gain. Instead, the space of the pavilion advocates for a future where urban environments are designed to nurture human creativity, spontaneity, and social bonds.

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