July 11 - 15, 2024

Scrolling Meditation: Participatory Performance

Friday 19:30-20:30
Saturday 19:30-20:30

The mental domain of cyberspace is where the phenomenological aspects of human experience reside. It includes concepts and metaphors that are contained within cyberspace, and the affects and behaviours that emerge in response to them. This domain emphasises the role that mentally perceived elements such as metaphorical titles of “clouds”, “folders” or “meeting rooms” combined with interaction play in the subjective inhabitation of cyberspace. Cognition is a key mediator of this domain. For this, anthropologists, educators and musicians Justė Paulina Kubertavičiūtė, Adomas Lapinskas, and Antanas Stankevičius present an experimental guided meditation that will investigate ideas of distributed cognition and scrolling behaviours.

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