Psychedelic fireside chat

After decades of fundamental research, there was a cultural struggle over psychedelics around the globe. Just as psychiatrists, psychologists, and other researchers were making incredible headway in their studies of compounds like LSD and psilocybin (among others), these substances were criminalized, blocking research across the globe. However, fortunately, private foundations have been able to still work on the research providing a lot of viable studies. In this panel, we will have guests from two sides of this camp, trying to find a middle ground and introduce some new ideas to one another. On one corner, we will have a representative from „Be safe lab” harm reduction initiative (Lithuania) Emilija Gaidytė, the director of the Republican Centre for Addictive Disorders of Vilnius, and our very proud international guests Aga and Pier, who will be talking more in-depth about the adaption of psychedelics into healing therapies for various diseases, including addiction.

Moderator – Andrius Milinavičius.

The moderator of the discussions, Andrius Milinavičius, is an innovation scout, mentor, and a so-called cyborg (a human with a technological piece under their skin), founder of Baltic Sandbox accelerator, and a person who loves to debate the future. He is an active member of a startup and innovation ecosystem with more than 15 years of experience in marketing and communication. Together with partners, Andrius has launched sustainable value accelerator Baltic Sandbox that heavily invests in promising ideas, facilitates mentorship, and knowledge sharing helps with fundraising, and helps startups to scale in Europe. Today, he is involved in EdTech, BioTech, SeniorTech, FinTech, MedTech, and other innovative fields.

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