July 11 - 15, 2024

Phil Von

Flamenco’s fiery passion, Butoh’s introspective energy, and the pulsating electronic music seamlessly fuse in the world of Phil Von. He continues to push the boundaries, experimenting with styles, techniques and synthesizing various art forms. His explorations aren’t confined to a single discipline but are an ongoing journey towards artistic freedom, innovation, and discovery.

For the first time in Lithuania, after so many years of creations with his cult group “Von Magnet”, his electro-tribal duet “Meta Meat” and all his other performance projects, Phil Von will present a special concert composed of a selection of his iconic musical pieces.

A live electro-flamenco solo that will define the sonic universe of this romantic poetic “matador”, here fighting against the blows of destiny.

“Acted”, sung, danced and stamped, this concert will revisit the passions, rages and trances that have marked the long journey on stage of Phil Von, a non-conformist, unique and authentic artist.

Spinning Around the Sun Spinning Around the Sun Spinning Around the Sun