July 11 - 15, 2024

Panopticon: Views from Yaga

Friday 20:30-21:00
Saturday 20:30-21:00

The panopticon, as theorized by Foucault, represents a mechanism of power where individuals internalize the gaze of authority, resulting in self-regulation and conformity. At Yaga, this concept is recontextualized within the festival’s utopian setting, prompting a critical examination of how visibility and observation operate in the smart cities of tomorrow. Participants are invited to ascend the imaginary tower within the screen of the TV and experience the festival from a new perspective, fostering an awareness of the omnipresent surveillance technologies that characterize modern urban life.By positioning this reflective experience within the context of Yaga’s experimental and liberated urban framework, this programme underscores the potential for reimagining surveillance practices. It advocates for a future where the dynamics of observation are renegotiated to empower individuals rather than constrain them. In doing so, “Panopticon: Views from Yaga” not only critiques the present but also envisions alternative trajectories for the smart cities of the future, where the gaze of the panopticon is transformed from a tool of control into a catalyst for collective empowerment and social innovation.

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