July 13 - 17, 2023

Opening & Closing Meditation Sessions

Join Živilė for Yaga Gathering Opening and Closing guided meditation sessions. You will practice Anapanasati meditation, which translates into the mindfulness of breathing. During the session, person observes his/her breathing, notices when the concentration breaks and a random thought comes, acknowledges the fact, lets it go, and gets back to observation. The process is simple, yet it calms the mind, raises self-awareness, reduces negative emotions and increases creativity – perfect to start and close the gathering. Živilė is meditating for 7 years, during which she has participated in and helped with 8 Vipassana courses around the world, and meditated in a Buddhist monastery for several months. Let’s meditate, set intention and create the space to connect to your true self.

Twenty Trips Around the Sun Twenty Trips Around the Sun Twenty Trips Around the Sun