July 11 - 15, 2024

Of Dis-connections Participatory performance

Saturday 19:00-21:00

Digital transformations can and do “augment” our bodies in an age of rapid technological advancement. However, technological world-building transforms more-than-human / collective realities building embodied connections amongst some realities and disrupting others. This space explores the future of our augmented bodies at the intersection of the realities it can create, repair or disrupt and the role of embodied practices in it.

It is a space exploring the intersection of phygital spaces and somatic practices discovering their role beyond performative spaces – in creating places of collective healing and voicing/embodying identities, informed by personal over historical and commonly represented narratives.

This performative, participatory installation addresses intersectional experiences of neurodivergent individuals. It discovers how phygital spaces and somatic practices facilitate embodiment and expression of neurodivergent lived experiences. In doing so, this space subverts the representation of neurodivergence in mainstream media and cultural narratives and builds on agency to communicate and process lived realities with and through the body.

Through this interactive installation, we question how somatic practices based approaches can be integrated in a more natural and intuitive way through participatory action. The research also questions the relevance and implications of such integration with regard to reconnecting with collective realities and self-expressions that have been disrupted in a world of digital technologies. In doing so, it creates a space for examining where new media can actually help in this connection and not disrupt it. The ideas of “eco-somatics” and more-than-human connections through movement-based practices like Butoh informs the understanding of embodied connections and collective perspectives.

When the participatory performance is over, the space remains available to individuals who would like to explore the themes through text, images, and physical movement on their own. Therefore, it also becomes an interactive installation space.

Participatory Performance is held in English.

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