July 13 - 17, 2023


"Masterclass" is a series of nine emoji miniatures for ensemble performance. The use of the new
graphical notation allows the audience to see the work as a performer would, that is, they can follow the
score and interpret it in their own way.
The name "Masterclass" was inspired by the desire of corporations, organizations, and influencers to
adapt to the new trends of communication and use emojis strategically. In other words, the piece explores
the ways in which colors, symbols, and visual ornaments are used to increase consumer engagement
and sales. The name of this peace is also a commentary on online learning platforms and the video-
based courses of their speakers.
Masterclass is written only for the instruments that have their own symbol in the Unicode Standard, and
this time, will be played by:
— Karolis dabulskis
— Antanas Vidra
— Jonas Lapinas
— Saulius Vinokur
— Tadas Vinokur

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