July 11 - 15, 2024

Mantra Sound Healing

Sound therapy offers a meditative journey through sound, facilitating personal exploration and emotional release in a state of relaxation and rejuvenation. Utilizing sacred instruments, vocal resonances, vibrations, and scents, this therapy aims to harmonize and transform the inner subconscious.

Asta Treinė expresses her current life phase through voice, music, healing sounds, and touch, sharing a state of pure love and continually deepening her connection with the source, especially during sound therapy sessions, improvisations, and mantra circles, where collective energy amplifies.

Andrius Šešelgis, questioning “”Who am I?”” beyond mere identity, has explored the world, and embraced spiritual practices like sound therapy, breathing exercises, and yoga. This journey revealed a deeper essence beyond the physical, highlighting our spiritual nature and interconnectedness, originating from the same source.

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