July 11 - 15, 2024

Turn Social Discomfort Into Your Comfort

This social experiment workshop is designed to explore adult communication and the potential for forging new friendships. It questions our ability to engage with strangers in various settings and proposes that unfamiliar people might not be so strange after all. The experiment challenges participants to find enjoyment and connection beyond their student years, offering an opportunity for those feeling trapped in routine or seeking new additions to their social circles.

Set in an art gallery on a casual Thursday evening, the premise is that each attendee likely shares mutual acquaintances with others present, essentially making everyone pre-connected friends awaiting introduction. The event encourages individuals to initiate conversations, aiming to dissolve the awkwardness of meeting new people. Attendees are assured that coming alone does not equate to being lonely.

Dress Code: Authentic self-expression is encouraged, with no specific attire requirement.

Drinks: Participants are invited to bring their preferred beverages, be it water or wine.

Open Invitation: The workshop is inclusive of all – friends, strangers, lovers, singles, couples, loners, aliens, extroverts, and introverts, aiming to foster connections and reconnections.

Participants are reassured that opting to stand alone is perfectly acceptable, emphasizing the workshop’s inclusive nature. The event celebrates the uniqueness of each individual, encouraging a collective embrace of awkwardness and fun.

Participation is key to unlocking the experience, promising a memorable journey of social exploration.

With warmth and anticipation,

The Social Experiment Team

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