July 11 - 15, 2024

Invertebrate Predator

Deep-sea creature occurs on land. Its head separates from the spine, its skin becomes inverted, and its body secretes mucus, merging the sea with the land. Having changed beyond recognition, having lost its origin, it turns into a humanoid artifact – a fusion of terrestrial and aquatic Kamile Pikelyte is a Lithuanian-born artist, whose practice is interdisciplinary, with a focus on working with found media and physical remnants. Kamile questions the systematic labeling of certain things as “dirty,” which serves as a disguise for uncomfortable truths. In her installations and performances, Kamile recreates hellscapes, exploring themes of domestic darkness, world horrors, and the pervasive alienation of the present.

Who Is Dr. Bravenstein? Who Is Dr. Bravenstein? Who Is Dr. Bravenstein?