Improvisational dance experience

To blend into each other and create a sense of togetherness, we will play with movements to get to know each other. As we relax and feel in touch with our bodies, we will begin to explore different height levels from floor to jumping, different speeds, and contact. Little by little, the level of physical energy will increase, freeing our bodies and allowing us to discover new opportunities to play.
In the second part, we will focus on allowing our body to freely express itself using the tools we learned in the first half of the session. We will try to break established patterns and barriers. We will continue to explore and look for different ways of using the body, we will work with different characteristics of the movement, dynamics, and space.
The main goal of this workshop is to awaken curiosity, have fun, relax, free mind and body, connect and take risks without fear of mistakes.
„When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being yourself.” – Paulo Coelho

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