2022 July 14-18, Lithuania

Ibogaine micro-dosing in treating addiction

Educated in the chemical / pharmaceutical industry in Basel, Switzerland, Tobias Erny experienced 2006 the enormous curative power of Iboga. He began to delve deeply into research and work with the sacred plant. Besides helping others to decode its ancient wisdom, he wrote the German-language standard reference book on Iboga, organizes conferences and events evolving around psycho-activating technologies, and is active as a networker, facilitator, consultant, and internationally known speaker, giving talks at universities, conferences, and festivals. His mission is to promote and foster spiritual awareness and make psycho-spiritual tools and plant medicines accepted on a broader scale. Besides his activities in Europe & Mexico, he supports a Gabonese NGO which helps to preserve the Bwiti Culture and the sustainable farming of Iboga in Africa and works with the Beckley Foundation in Oxford.

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