July 11 - 15, 2024

“Here & Now” group therapy session

Friday 20:00-21:00

Given recent technological advances, particularly the ubiquotus rise of AI, there is a need to revisit fundamental questions about human relationality. From an existential and phenomenological perspective, a core concept of human existence is “being-with” (Mitsein), meaning our existence is always situated in a world with others. Moreover, our experience of the world is fundamentally embodied, mediated through our physical existence.

Recent technological advances challenge these ideas. Posthumanism questions human interactions by exploring how AI and other technologies alter relationality. It extends the concept of embodiment, suggesting that traditional thought is limiting and doesn’t account for non-embodied interactions.

Yet, no one but ourselves, as living consciousness, can form our thoughts and opinions about existence. The proposed group session, focusing on the here-and-now, invites people to explore their subjective experiences and thoughts on relationality in today’s world. By being together in an embodied way, the group aims to foster I-Thou relationships and encourages everyone to explore how this felt experience can guide them in finding their answers.

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