Guestbook / Collective mantras

As the bible says, “In the beginning, there was a word”. Words have a special power of penetrating the consciousness and manifesting realities both in our actions, and in others. Furthermore, words are able to objectify ungraspable, immaterial things, such as emotions, futures, systems, etc. By saying a word, we are already conducting an incredibly complex process of synthesising and crystallising the immateriality of our thoughts into something tangible. This way we put our thoughts into the world, where they can start living the life of their own in other people. Every word impacts our being to some extent. However, some words have a special power to impact our being in the deepest sense. Mantra is a collection of words allowing us to reach the Divine, wherever it is. Interestingly enough, different words have different powers. We all have our own remedies to deal with unexpectedness of life, and we all have our own unique ways to approach the Divine. By participating in the pavilion, you will get to both share your magic words with others, and experiment with their words on your own consciousness. There will be a book into which every messiah will get to write what they hear from the cosmos. Later these holy pages written by you will become a printable book to share and learn from. Let’s see what the hive mind of Yaga will be able to come up with.

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