Ecstatic Dance

When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop admiring the stories? When have you stopped comforting a lovely area of silence? ” – Gabrielle Roth Although ecstatic dance has become increasingly popular in recent years, this form of dance has been practiced throughout human history. Rhythmic drumming and shamanic rituals used ecstatic dance to unite with the Great Spirit through the body as a form of active meditation leading to the trance experience. Ecstatic dance is a safe space for you to really express yourself the way you want. Dance without evaluation and without limits. Shamana Metaphysica, also known as Vima Nata, is a traveler between realities, leading dancers to higher dimensions through shamanic transformational and healing dance. Vima Nata has been playing on the Lithuanian electronic music scene since 2013. During this year he has given concerts not only at local events but also at international festivals. As she plays, she helps the dancers expand their consciousness, reveal their souls and feel the Universe within them.

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