July 11 - 15, 2024

Echoes and Rebellion: Myths and Machines

This year Yaga is also a home for an arts residency. Over the course of two months, a multi-disciplinary artist & designer Sutanuka Jashu (Mumbai, Paris, Harvard) was researching the futures of singularity AI and their critical implications for urban development. Her final result is an interactive AI-enabled installation “Echoes and Rebellion: Myths and Machines”. Here a mix of history and fiction unfolds thorough an allegorical Dungeons & Dragons-type of game about Užgavėnės festival, all represented in a construction of ~10 analog TVs. Sutanuka is interested in how both history, future and AI itself operates like a black box, how myths and machines interweave in urban developments, and what kind of power do masks have.

The installation will be situated in the 3022 pavilion (former Alun Mabyn). On Saturday, 21:00, the artist will present the piece as a performance.

The residency is made possible by European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists.

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