July 11 - 15, 2024

Creators & Co-creators: Interviews with Yaga DJs, Artists and visitors

Friday 16:30-19:00
Saturday 00:00-01:00; 15:00-16:30; 22:00-23:00
Sunday 00:00-01:00

This series of interviews features the diverse array of DJs, artists and visitors who animate the Yaga Gathering, offering an intimate exploration of their creative processes, inspirations, and the role of AI in their work. The dialogic format emphasizes the collaborative and community-oriented ethos of Yaga and 3022, reflecting on how artistic expression can serve as a critical intervention in the algorithmic logic of modern cities. This activity not only celebrates the creative spirit of the festival but also invites participants to engage with the speculative futures envisioned by its artists.

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