Cannabis bread workshop

Traditions are part of us, and we are part of nature. With much pleasure and excitement, we present you the concept of the upcoming workshop: Before the sun has set, we will all gather around a fire to find natural cannabis bread dough already waiting for us. With plenty of energy and positive thoughts, we all will make this experience exceptional. The dough is prepared using only the highest quality eco-wheat flour with twice the less gluten to give a memorable experience for all seeking. The wheat is grown according to the traditions of our elders from one of the most historically significant ethnographic regions of Lithuania – Žemaitija (eng. Samogitia). Transforming from small grains to golden plants over months, wheat grows here in Samogitia and becomes flour in the local eco-farm mill. The dough is flavored with organic cannabis seeds, cannabis oil, cannabis salt, and crushed cannabis plant, demonstrating the uniqueness and versatility of this nature’s gift. The bread takes a soft green color for these components that you will not mistake with anything else.

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