July 13 - 17, 2023

Candle Crafting Wonders

We offer you to pour candles with your own hands from natural beeswax, the wick of which is natural linen. You will hear how to distinguish whether a candle is real or not, whether paraffin or other additives have been added to the wax, and countless other women’s tricks and secrets about this old craft. We will also talk about bees, wax cleaning procedures, useful properties. You will take home 32 candles charged with your energy. Candle pouring is like meditation, calms and relaxes, and the result – warm, fragrant candles at home will remind you of the time spent meaningfully in the company of women.

We pour candles using the old method of candle pouring (with a wheel), which appeared in the 14th century. In Dzūkija, it is preserved only in some villages of the Silesian Dzuks. The melted wax is placed with a bowl on a cauldron of hot potatoes or beets (so that it does not clog). Knots, usually cotton or linen sap, are hooked onto a wooden wheel or hoop fixed to the ceiling or on a stand, and wax is poured evenly over each one until the whole wheel goes around. After turning the circle, the first knot is already covered with a cooled layer of wax, the procedure is repeated. It is poured until a candle of the desired thickness is obtained. Traditionally, they are about a couple of centimeters thick and about 40 cm long. If the candle is poured too thick, it will drip, if poured too thin, it will burn quickly.

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