July 11 - 15, 2024

Candle Casting (At Market Fireplace)

We pour candles using the ancient candle-making method (with a wheel), which originated in the 14th century in Dzūkija and has survived only in some warm Dzūkija villages. The melted wax is placed with a basin on a hot potato or beet pot (to prevent it from setting). On a wooden wheel or arch, attached to the ceiling or a stand, wicks, usually cotton or linen threads, are hung, and wax is evenly poured onto each until the entire wheel is covered. After turning the wheel, the first wick is already covered with a cooled layer of wax, and the procedure is repeated. Pour until the desired thickness of the candle is obtained. Traditionally, they are about two centimeters thick and about 40 cm long. If poured too thick, the candle will boil, if poured too thin, it will burn quickly. During the session, we will familiarize ourselves with the ancient process of beeswax candle making. Sitting in a circle, feeling each other’s shoulder and friendly warmth, we will experience the extraordinary magic spread by natural wax and resin. Without haste, in a calm environment, candles poured with love by our own hands at home will remind us of the meaningful time spent.

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