July 11 - 15, 2024

Ashtanga Yoga For Beginners

Ashtanga Yoga stands out as one of the most physically intensive yet spiritually enriching styles, appealing to those seeking a dynamic practice. It distinguishes itself by having a set sequence of asanas (poses), unlike other yoga forms, which allows for a fluid transition from one posture to the next, enhancing the flow of the session. Ashtanga is structured into three sequence groups, each serving a specific purpose:

The first series, Yoga Chikitsa, focuses on detoxifying and aligning the body.
The intermediate series, Nadi Shodhana, aims to purify the nervous system by opening and clearing energy pathways.
The advanced series, Sthira Bhaga, which includes A, B, C, and D sequences, demands higher levels of flexibility and humility, fostering strength and grace.

The workshop will commence with the first series, gradually exploring and constructing the sequence. Participants will methodically learn how their bodies respond to each asana, progressing step by step.

Spinning Around the Sun Spinning Around the Sun Spinning Around the Sun