Aromatherapy – Scents from Peru

Every day we are surrounded by a variety of smells that have a significant impact on our psychological state. It has long been known that odor therapy began when man smelled nature. Strong contact with vegetation has a positive effect – wonderful smells affect our mood and emotions. Well, today we want to invite you to Aromatherapy with scents from Peru! As many as 9 different scents of Peru await you – created for our body, soul and mind! So you will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and analyze the message sent to us by each scent personally. Choosing a scent for yourself is a reflection of our own emotions, right? And in this case, by exploring Scents from Peru, we will embark on a journey of the inner self, during which we will translate it on a piece of paper by means of writing or drawing. It is an exciting journey of „self-knowledge“ and discovery, after which we will take you to reflect on discoveries and into real life. Let’s meet for a nose and brain workout that will help release your emotions!

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