Yaga Gathering 2021 — Which secret society are you in?

Yaga Gathering 2021 — Which secret society are you in?


Secret societies, their clandestine meetings, and obscure pacts, supposedly, have been shaping the history of humanity and making the world spin around while the masses live in blissful ignorance. Break the cursed circle and delve into the world of mysteries, rituals, and wicked games. Discover the secret societies of Yaga and get their powers!

Each of you will receive instructions to follow, and the only way to find out about the rules is to obey the orders. But be assured, the magisters carefully select their disciples. Use your will, connections, and influence, and one day you may receive a letter of invitation to join a secret society operating in the world of Yaga.

The Game starts earlier than the Gathering, and it’s all you need to know for the moment.

Become a part of Yaga societies. Get your ticket.

Invite the members to join.


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