Yaga’20 is going to take place

Yaga’20 is going to take place


The last couple of months has been a difficult time and with the utmost regret, we have to admit
that the data we got from coffee stains was unreliable. Readings derived from Arabica beans were as inaccurate as from Robusta. Perhaps, we need to try it from different regions for more satisfactory results. So far, the only outcome is an enormous heartbeat and diarrhoea. We also watched weeks of Simpsons for ques of the future and tried virologists’ palm readings, but all in vain….

Life is uncertain and we don’t know what’s going to happen. What we certainly know is that the need for a gathering is growing exponentially as the need to celebrate life, nature and absurdism of reality. The celebration of Absurdistan is going to take place, but perhaps some exclusive measures will need to be implemented. Due to obvious complications, Yaga will review the programme of the Absurdistan’s celebration, but as before, it will stay dedicated to splashing colours, surrealism and joy over the heads of fellow citizens!


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